About Us

Who We Are

Jackson Consulting Group partners with Executives and Organizations to align Strategy, People, and Processes to optimize and sustain Peak Business Performance. Our proprietary methodologies increase Profit and Productivity, help manage change and reduce organizational cost.

Our Mission

To Create Leaders and Organizations who have a Global Impact by Challenging the existing Performance Paradigms.

Our Vision

A Paradigm for Leadership: Higher Purpose , Higher Accountability ,  Higher Results.

Our Values

Value Creation

JCG strives to create value for our clients by offering relevant leadership and organizational training and development that inspires increased employee engagement and productivity.


JCG expects accountability from its clients and from itself. JCG adheres to high ethical and professional standards in its work and relationships. JCG is fair and respectful in its interactions and conscientiously stewards the resources entrusted to us


JCG strives to deliver excellent content, training and development that delivers a positive impact on our clients. JCG grounds its work in insights gained from experience, knowledge, and data.


JCG champions the importance of effective leadership through action. JCG empowers our clients with the knowledge of leadership best practices


JCG is committed to creating positive change and approaching problems in a practical, creative, and flexible manner.JCG uses a collaborative approach with clients to drive the desired result.


JCG understands that listening is the foundation of all core values. JCG listens and understands the nature, needs and desires of organizations. Listening enables JCG to create customized solutions for all clients.

Partnership and Collaboration

JCG is committed to developing collaborative long-term partnerships with every client. JCG understands that true intelligence and power resides in the collective. JCG respects and welcomes all client thoughts and ideas.


JCG understands the power of Clarity. JCG is committed to creating solutions that are clear and drive increases in productivity through increased employee engagement.

Our Team