Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching™ Certification

Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Certification

The Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Certification is a comprehensive process to help both internal HR coaches, and external coaches, become skilled in a form of behavioral coaching employed by Marshall Goldsmith. Marshall is widely recognized as one of the world’s most gifted coaches. This process is built around seven coaching skills that are practiced through customized real world problems faced by leaders.

The two-day workshop is mainly learning by doing. The Principles that form the foundation for this methodology are:

  • Place attention on the Stakeholders: the center of attention here is neither the leader nor the coach. The major attention is on the Stakeholders who are affected by the behavior the leader is attempting to change
  • Emphasize Feedforward: these are future oriented suggestions for improvement
  • Change behavior and perception: it is not only necessary for a leader to change; it is also necessary for those people around the leader to “see” the change and believe the leader will not regress

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • How the belief set of successful people both helps & hinders improvement
  • The 7 Coaching Skills that facilitate positive behavioral change
  • Coaching the 7-Step Involving Stakeholder process
  • How to start smart in a coaching assignment
  • How to maintain momentum during the change process
  • How to sustain success and manage the transition out of the coaching assignment
  • To learn more click on the following Links:
  • Description of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process, which summarizes the unique method of involving stakeholders in the change process
  • Introduction to the Coach’s Playbook, provides the first chapter in The SCC Playbook: The Coach’s Checklist which participants receive and gives a detailed account of how to coach a leader through the behavior change process involving stakeholders
  • Detailed AGENDA for 2 Day Workshop which provides the flow and content for the certification

How Certification Works

Registering and attending the certification program leads to gaining the skills to implement the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Center Coaching unique brand of coaching. Once registered you will received an electronic copy of The Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Playbook that lays out the process, and you will be provided with a self-paced online training to prepare you to attend the two-day certification. The actual certification for coaching individual leaders is a two-day training that focuses on skill practice to prepare you for coaching using the process.

After completion of the training, participants are provided log-in and password to the website. Clicking on the following link will show how our coaches can use this website as another source of marketing themselves; and, gain access to a wealth of tools to assist your success as a Stakeholder Centered Coach. Where our coaches need it, they will receive ICF credits and/or ACEC (the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches) credits for completing the certification.

Further levels of certification are awarded based on actual coaching of leaders through the process. In other words, this is a practice-based certification that awards higher levels of certification based on evidence of coaching leaders to achieve a positive change in behavior as measured by stakeholder perception (the Mini-Surveys).  As coaches complete six successful engagements they achieve Advanced Certification, and finally Master Certification is achieved after twelve successful engagements.


February 20-21, 2019


UNCW Center for Marine Science
Crest Research Park – MarbioNC Conference Room – First Floor

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